The awards were established to honor Prof. Pierre Jaeglé, one of the X-ray laser pioneers and founder of the conference (ICXRL). The three prizes for the best student presentations are sponsored by SPIE, Elettra Sincrotrone and EXSA.


Director of Research of Exceptional Class and CNRS Silver Medal, Pierre Jaeglé founded then directed the Laboratory of Atomic and Ionic Spectroscopy (LSAI). This entity became LIXAM in 1999 and is one of the founding research units of the current ISMO laboratory, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay (CNRS/Université Paris-Sud) in Orsay. Having made a significant contribution to the development of the use of XUV radiation, with an energy typically between 10 and 1000 eV, Pierre Jaeglé was also internationally recognized as one of the pioneers in the discovery of XUV lasers generated in hot plasmas created by high-power lasers, whose scientific potential he perceived as early as the early 1970s. He has played an eminent role in the emergence of these sources as well as in the development of the community of developers and users of coherent and ultra-intense XUV sources, in France as well as in Europe, the United States and Japan. He passed away in 2019.