Virtual Posters

As a poster presenter you are asked to either prepare a short video of max 3min showing 3 to 5 slides or to upload your poster as a PDF file:

Guideline for the PDF file

  • A0 format (118x84cm portrait)

  • Max 10MB file size

Guidelines for the short video presentation:

  • The first slide should provide basic information about the project such as title, presenter and affiliation as well as an introduction explaining the challenge.

  • In the middle part of the presentation you should explain the approach and present your results.

  • On the last slide you should show the conclusion.

  • Make sure that your video is no longer than 3min.

One (of many options) is to record your presentation with the Zoom App. Repeat the presentation until you are happy with the result. If you like, you can edit and enrich the video with e.g. music, special effects, intro and end titles, using a video editing software. However, post-editing is not mandatory.

> See also “Speaker best practices for online presentations”.